Cornish Wrecking 1700-1860 Reality And Popular Myth

This is my recent book, published by Boydell & Brewer Ltd in 2011.

I’ve been fortunate to receive sterling reviews, some of which are quoted below. Thanks so much to these reviewers, for taking the time to read my book and offering such positive opinions. All I can say is, ‘Wow!’ Thank you!

‘A painstaking, well-considered and persuasively argued account of wrecking that shatters the well-established image of the wreckers, and that engages with some of the central issues of crime and the law in Hanoverian and early Victorian England… Pearce’s book constitutes a significant addition to knowledge and understanding in a variety of areas that are of considerable interest to contemporary students of history.’ —Journal for Maritime Research

Cornish Wrecking… ‘has been widely welcomed and has already assumed something of the status of a ‘classic’ in maritime historical writing….Pearce’s interdisciplinary instincts are finely tuned, allowing her to move with equal assurance from consideration of the finer points of law and customary rights to discussion of the moral economy and social crime in eighteenth-and nineteenth century Cornwall…Ultimately it is to Pearce’s enthusiasm for her subject, and her ability to write with clarity and style, that has produced this scholarly pageturner.’ —The Mariner’s Mirror

‘Cathryn Pearce has done a masterly job in challenging the traditional stereotype of the Cornish wrecker…Cornish Wrecking is full of interesting and well-chosen anecdotes, matching the violent with the humane…This book can be warmly recommended.’ —The Local Historian

‘This pioneering work is helpful for legal and administrative historians, suggestive for social and literary historians, and necessary for maritime historians.’ —International Journal of Maritime History

‘Maritime historian Cathryn Pearce has produced by far the best–in fact the only–authoritative study of wrecking in Cornwall’.—

‘A highly readable and intriguing examination of an often misunderstood subject’.— Pirates and Privateers

‘Must surely be the definitive study of the subject… Well-researched, well-written, and well-presented, Cornish Wrecking is a model study of a controversial practice in Cornish–and British–history which continues to this day.’— Cornish Banner

‘Provides one of the most detailed explanations of the Law and Rights of Wreck that I have read in any non-legal work, and written in clear and concise language… This book really is an excellent piece of research on a subject which is more often told on the basis of myth’.– Southwest Soundings.


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